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Stainless steel gratings whilst conforming to the technical properties of standard products, stand out aesthetically and are visually pleasing, the stainless steel integrating well with differing materials (such as wood, stone, glass etc).
The profile wires are selected principally on aesthetic criteria; wires 300 and 560 being the most common and slot openings from 3 to 15mm. Others are possible upon request please see our technical literature.
Support rods are selected upon criteria which ensures the mechanical resistance of the gratings. Support rods 10x2 and 25x2 at spacings of 25mm or 50mm will satisfy the most common specifications.

The support rods provide the structural element to the grating and selection will depend upon the required loading and the unsupported span. Loading charts will be found in the technical appendices. A calculation sheet can be issued upon request.

The EUROSLOT stainless steel grating can be supplied with or without a frame. If required, a frame can be of a standard flat bar (of section 15x3mm to 50x5mm) or of others upon request.
According to the products final use, we supply fixing sytems.