interior door / pivoting with offset axis / pivoting with central axis / tempered glass



  • Type:


  • Opening system:

    pivoting with offset axis, pivoting with central axis

  • Material:

    tempered glass, anodized aluminum

  • Technical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:

    glazed, full-height


Pivoting glass doors with clear glass
Modern glass pivot doors made with transparent tempered glass. After a pre-treatment, tempered glass undergoes thermal treatment in an oven. This gives the glass volume greater flexural breaking strength as well as shock and thermal resistance. Tempered glass is up to five times stronger than standard glass. In the event of breakage, the glass shatters into small pieces. Tempered glass is currently used in two possible pivot setups.

The most popular system (SKD47) consist of an aluminium frame (silver or black anodized) with 6mm tempered clear glass. The second option is a 10mm thick glass sheet with rectangle glass mounted hinges, were the actual door frame acts as an acoustic and thermal seal.

Both systems give you a perfectly closing unit that still provides transparency between the different rooms when used in conjunction with the patented locking technology fitted inside the surrounding door frame.