indoor door / pivoting with offset axis / aluminum / acoustic



  • Type:


  • Opening system:

    pivoting with offset axis

  • Material:


  • Technical characteristics:

    acoustic, thermally-insulated

  • Other characteristics:

    glazed, with fixed leaf, double-leaf, custom, full-height


The added value of glass doors by Anyway Doors is found in the perfect closure. The doors always come with a frame, either visible or not, which enables the glass doors to close perfectly against both draft and sound. The glass doors are equipped with a patented closing system, allowing tight and complete closure. There is a mandatory ventilation gap of 10mm at the bottom of the door. The doors can rotate in both directions or be limited to one side, if so desired.

The glass doors of Anyway Doors are always fitted without floor anchoring and thus without a floor spring. The invisible pivot hinges are fitted in the frame allowing the possibility of changing the hinge side of the door after placement, for optimum modularity.