above-ground hot tub / square / 4-seater / outdoor
ORIGAMI Aquavia Spa



  • Type:


  • Shape:


  • Capacity:


  • Options:

    outdoor, indoor, with integrated LED lighting

  • Length:

    234 cm (92.1 in)

  • Width:

    234 cm (92.1 in)


The Origami is a hot tub that is reminiscent of Zen, with clean, straight lines and a stunning appearance; an exclusive design piece with an impressive array of features for homes looking for a perfect combination of physical, emotional and aesthetic pleasures. Besides its unrivalled design, the Origami hot tub comes with all of Aquavia Spa's top features:

-Colour Sense, with 5 underwater LED lights for chromatherapy, which completely transform the atmosphere and enhance relaxation. The lighting, either with fixed colours or sequences, comes with the exclusive Pure Line Lighting in its stylish cabinet.
-Aromatherapy with the Aquavia SpaAromatherapy system, which transmits its essential fragrances through the air bubbles and, by doing so, fills the atmosphere without dirtying the water.
-Ultraviolet Treatment: water disinfection technology with ultraviolet light (UV) which reduces the use of chemicals by 80% and avoids the smell of chlorine and reddening of the eyes. It is essential for babies, children and pregnant women.
-Surround Bluetooth Audio and its surround sound, just like in a cinema, which can also be controlled from any mobile device.
-Wifi Touch Panel, with which you can remotely control all of the features of your Origami hot tub, from your mobile phone, tablet or computer, at any time.

All in all, in the world of hydromassages, the Origami hot tub is inspired by the Japanese art of paper figures: an oasis of patience, a peaceful haven where you will find answers, where you will be able to take a restful break from the fast-paced world in which we live.