fixed partition / glazed / professional / for offices



  • Type:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    professional, for offices, for open space

  • Other characteristics:

    custom, acoustic


Soundproofing and stability

The Kristal 10 partition is custom designed, every project is followed and calculated for the best aestethic and acoustic realization. K5 is certified for soundproofing up to 38 dB according to the UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010 and UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013 for the glazed partition.

Its solid structure allowed to obtain also the resistance certification to impact with hard and soft body according to the UNI 8201:1981, an important goal for the security in the office.

Magnetic lock

In the Kristal 10 doors, it is possible to have the magnetic lock. In the inner part it has been removed the internal and external gears of closing allowing to achieve greater smoothness and quietness during the opening and closing of the door, but it allowed also to operate on the product design by becoming the lock an integral element of the door itself.

A great advantage is the cylinder which allow the management of the Master Key multiple and indipendent, meeting the needs of big enterprises with multiple access levels within their offices

Glass and its versions

The Kristal 10 is a high performance partition which, thanks to the adjustement elements of the glasses to the floor, allows to absorb the different tolerability of the enviroments’ height up to 2 cm.

The partition can be provided with transparent, satin, striped satin glass. In addition to the standard model it is possible to customize them through the insertion of colored PVB inside of the glasses, by lacquering RAL or with the application of vinyl films.