ceiling LED panel / dimmable / modular



  • Type:

    for ceilings

  • Other characteristics:

    dimmable, modular


Simulate daylight and maintain constant lux levels.
Using the modular Lightframe system, LED adds an extra level of evenly distributed low energy integrated LED lighting throughout.

Fabric has the ability to disperse and diffuse light. A fabric surface with a single light source behind it can appear uniformly illuminated, as rays of light landing on the fabric surface are reflected, scattered and deflected.

For areas with no access to natural sunlight, lightframe LED can simulate daylight and be linked to the Building Control System where sensors maintain constant lux level.

Lightframe panels can be easily removed for access to building services. Because panels arrive on site ready to install, installation is rapid with immediate results.


Airports, museums, hotels, event spaces, offices – any space where a premium architectural finish, lighting and acoustics is important.