photovoltaïc installation temperature sensor / indoor



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    for photovoltaïc installations

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• Kit-A: irradiance and temperature module sensor
• Kit-B: irradiance sensor, module temperature, environment temperature and anemometer
• Power supply: 24Vdc from SunGuard Box
• ModBUS communication
• RS485 connection

The SunGuard Sensor Kit is designed to detect basic environmental data of the photovoltaic system in order to check performance.

The SunGuard Sensor Kit must be connected to the SunGuard Box via a RS485 connection, and requires a 24 VDC power supply. The SunGuard Sensor Kit, connected to the radiation sensor and a temperature sensor (module or environment), enables the entire SunGuard Server system to calculate the theoretical power of the photovoltaic system (maximum efficiency power) and to compare it constantly and automatically to the power generated by the photovoltaic system.

It is possible to connect two or more SunGuard Sensor Kits to the same Bus485 via a special cable for RS485 communication. To be able to communicate with two or more SunGuard Sensor Boxes, different IDs must be set for each device.