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contemporary table / birch / laminate / linoleum



  • Style:


  • Material:

    birch, laminate, linoleum

  • Shape:

    half moon

  • Options:


  • Designer:

    by Alvar Aalto

  • Color:

    white, black

  • Height:

    74 cm (29.1 in)

  • Length:

    120 cm (47 in)

  • Width:

    60 cm (23.6 in)


The Aalto Table conveys a relaxed familiarity that resists categorisation. Whether used for dining, working, or playing, the table retains its character while offering endless possibilities. The half-round table can be teamed with other Aalto tables to create any number of configurations and moves naturally between public and private spheres. The Finnish birch from which Aalto tables are made boasts a natural beauty and radiates warmth; environmentally friendly, it will age gracefully over time. The Aalto Table continues to be fabricated semi-industrially, according to strict criteria and with a high proportion of handcraftsmanship.

Legs and top edge-band:
Solid birch
Top core:
Solid birch, Chipboard, Honeycomb
Top surface versions:
Birch veneer, High-pressure laminate, Linoleum
Stackable on request