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Inconspicuous pole? Wrong!

First, material – you cannot use just any. Ideally it would be resitant to temperature, fire, mechanical demage, dirtiness, easy to maintenance, utilication and keeping clean – fiberglass-polyester laminate would be ideal.

Second, presentation – neutral, chic and elegant with a dedicated place for the logo or town’s crest; one that does not dominate and stand on the way but provides information in a clear and interesting format.

Thirdly, functionality – preferably with a rain shield, accessable from all sides, aesthetically pleasing and durable. It would be best if it was TENOR advertising pole.

Firstly the material cannot be any material. The ideal one would be temperature-, fire- and damage-resistant, easy to maintain, use and clean – polyester and glass fibre laminate
is the ideal material. Secondly, design – neutral, stylish and elegant. With dedicated space for logo or city crest. The pillar that does not dominate and does not distract the reader but presents information in a clear and interesting form. Thirdly, functionality – equipped with rain-protecting roof, accessible from all sides, aesthetic and durable. This is our TENOR poster pillar.

• coloured laminate
• colours to be selected by the client
• UV resistance
• 10 m2 of advertising space
• stable construction – placed on a concrete ring of 350 kg
• a concrete ring being an internal built-in foundation of the pillar
• 450 -500 kg of weight
• self-supporting construction
• 5-year warranty
• installation and assembly at the selected location and place