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steel structure for industrial buildings / galvanized steel / spatial



  • Applications:

    for industrial buildings

  • Options:

    galvanized steel, spatial


Primary framing consists of all the structural elements which transfer loads to the foundations. Main frames consist of built-up welded primary framing members, including flange bracings, connection bolts and anchor bolts. The bases of the intermediate frames are generally pinned; however, certain circumstances may dictate the use of fixed constructions.

Astron buildings are optimised to meet the specific requirements of each client. Below you can find the type of frames most commonly used. We can also produce frames outside this range on special studies.


Aesthetic profile
Optimum clear space
Easy adaptation of the building in case of modification or change of building use
Short construction period
Easy integration of all traditional construction materials such as brickwork, glazing, timber, etc.

Technical Specifications

AZM1: Clear span building with tapered columns. The rafters are either completely or partially tapered.
AZM2,3,4: Modular building with 2, 3 and 4 modules respectively. The exterior columns are tapered, the interior columns may be pipes or welded beams (H profile). The rafters are usually tapered.
AS: Buildings with a large clear span, a slope of 20 % and tapered columns.
AE: Clear span buildings with parallel flange columns. The rafters are usually tapered.
AL: Clear span single slope buildings with parallel flange columns.
AP: Wing units which can, in principle, be attached to all other types of buildings. The columns are generally parallel flanged.
AT: Tennis buildings: the columns are parallel flanged with a single or double pitched roof.