stone retaining wall / reinforced earth



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    reinforced earth


Wire Walls are ideal for fast and economical installation using cost-saving wire components and native backfill materials whenever possible in permanent or temporary applications.

Adapt well to curves, angles and steps.

Wire Walls easily accommodate curves, angles or steps and the facing and soil reinforcing systems allow for the installation of culverts, bridge piles or other site requirements.


Economical system for retaining walls, steepened slopes and erosion control
Heavy-duty, black or galvanized steel wire interlocking wall and mat construction
Can handle extreme surcharge loads
Available finishes: natural stone, temporary (fabric), shotcrete or vegetated
Most cost-effective and easy way to construct headwall option for structural plate bridges
Permanent or temporary applications
Wall heights can exceed 30 m (100')
Height increments are 610 mm (2')
Adapts to curves, angles and steps

Retaining Walls
Headwalls and Wingwalls
Bridge Abutments
Grade Separations
Crusher Ramps/Walls