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VISIO fire enjoyment quickly built up

VISIO 2 ELEMENT is a two-sided VISIO fireplace insert with support frame that has been clad with prefabricated element modules. VISIO 2 ELEMENT is installed in the lounge like a stove and connected to the flue, keeping structural expense to a minimum. After being fitted the element modules are simply painted, or you can smooth or plaster them to your taste.

Thanks to state-of-the-art combustion space technology, VISIO achieves a low heat output even when turned up high, which makes it a winner in well-insulated rooms with low heating requirements. Infrared-coated ceramic glass panels and an efficient glass cleaning system combine to ensure that there is a clear view of the fire from all angles at all times. The dark stained oak handle and the optional stainless steel frame are elegant finishing touches to the new fire experience.

VISIO is different. Better!