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A series with evolved design and many technological features, available in a vast range of aesthetic versions.
Life Touch is the first mirror black Wiring Accessory series patented by Ave with a refined design that represents a genuine high quality functional object with style and elegance.
Life Touch contains innovative plastic materials which make it possible to obtain a brilliant shiny black colour resistant to scratching, dust and fingerprints, the result of a design based on research which makes it possible to create a solution that anticipates and satisfies the customer’s requirements and aspirations.

Life Touch, like Ave Touch, Allumia Touch and Domus Touch, can be installed on a single range of supports with innovative technical details conceived to simplify the installer’s work and satisfy the most demanding requirements.

The Life Touch range comes in four different aesthetic versions:

with “Vera 44” touch panel made of real glass that is smooth, pure and perfect, capable of adding a touch of elegance to every location thanks to the unusual contrast between its transparency and the blue LEDs of its switches and the possibility of installation in a special flush box perfectly in line with the wall surface;
with the “Zama 44” touch panel, which surrounds its switches illuminated with LEDs and a metal touch panel. An exquisite frame for elegant refined locations;
with the “Personal 44”, the shiny black polymer touch panel which can be customised;
with the “Tecopolimero 44” touch panel made of plastic and available in 15 different colours to match an infinity of furnishing solutions.