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A series inspired by traditional functional design with technological and aesthetic solutions for all kinds of settings.
Created through the close cooperation between Ave and installers the Domus Touch wiring accessories, was conceived entirely to facilitate the work of the installer and satisfy the needs of maximum quality, reliability, practicality and speed of installation, evolved design and new aesthetic ideas.

Domus Touch comes in a highly innovative form from the viewpoint of technology and design. It is produced with refined materials and displays great precision in the moulding of the plastic, plus extra strong terminals, mechanisms tested for thousands of movements and the superb quality of all the components.

Every detail of Domus Touch has been designed and tested to minimise installation time and costs and at the same time to ensure the maximum in safety and quality: all the equipment has a depth reduced to a minimum to leave more space for wiring; the extra strong terminals make wiring simple; the standard controls have a special key which can be illuminated and interchangeable keys offer a wide range of symbols and different types of illumination.
With clean minimalist lines and contemporary elegant design the solution with smooth keys blends into all situations with simplicity and style, where the switch is always smooth and essential, without textured surfaces.