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DREAMPANEL FLOOR 256 is a 50 X 50 cm modular video-tile designed for screen-floor applications. The internal structure of the DREAMPANEL is specifically conceived to sustain heavy loads on the tile without distortion on the projected image presentation (Patented system: Pat. FR 0503355, Pat. pending WO 2006/106194). The exclusive 170° viewing angle of DREAMPANEL FLOOR 256 allows a global vision of the screen. Invented for diffused graphic-animations, DREAMPANEL FLOOR 256 gives a stunning video-rendering image with wide screen. The system resolution enables panel constructions of 32 X 24 m spread over a total of 768 m2.

The AYRTON dedicated cables merge power and data signal underneath the video-tile, keeping the wiring invisible. The colour calibration of each pixel achieves a perfect colour and white balance of the entire canvas. The control system of the DREAMPANEL FLOOR 256 can operate each individual tile as a portion of the standard-video screen. DREAMPANEL MANAGER software generates geometric display and panel address configuration. The DREAMPANEL system is fully compatible with all media-server with scale-downed image size (scaling mode) and image rotation capabilities. Due to its innovative concept, DREAMPANEL FLOOR 256 is the ideal tool for both temporary and permanent installations, TV-Studios, Concerts, Exhibition & Convention halls, Theme parks and any indoor entertainment applications.