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self-closing shower column / commercial



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Shower after pushing the pushbutton gives cold or premixed water according to the adjusted time.
Can be choosen:
* Covered shower system or
* External piped shower system

Types of shower heads:
* Fix
* Adjustable
* With perlator

Covered shower consists of two parts:
* Holding mechanism: including the shower spout and the pushbuttoned time-controlled tap
* Cover: made from stainless steel, protects inner equipment, vandalproof

If placed outdoor, before temperature falls below 0 °C shower should be dewatered, and the pushbutton should be removed. Scale of the shower rose should be removed at least every quarter of year.
Input water connection 1/2"
Factory water flow at 3 bar pressure 9.5 l/min
Basic timing 30±10 s
Max. dinamic working pressure: 4 bar
Max. agent temperature: 80 °C