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RGB laser ODLF-721
Laser-lit rear-projection video walls for 24/7 control rooms with front access

2x more brightness than mainstream LED-lit rear-projection video walls
25% less power consumption at higher brightness levels
Front access eliminates need for rear maintenance area
More than 11 years of uninterrupted operation in 24/7 mode
Unmatched colors, focus, and contrast levels
Silent like never before (‘library’ noise level)
Redundancy of critical components for ultimate peace of mind
50% setup-time reduction (motorized 7-axis alignment)

Powered with the latest RGB laser technology, Barco's RGB laser rear-projection video walls delivers unseen brightness levels and vibrant colors, while offering a very low total cost of ownership (TCO). With its 10th generation of rear-projection video walls, Barco again raises the bar for critical infrastructure markets visualization.

Providing 2x more brightness than mainstream LED-lit rear-projection video walls, the RGB laser series take away all brightness issues of earlier video walls. Because the high luminance allows operating under daylight conditions, control rooms can finally light up - which improves operator working conditions! Adding vibrant colors to this mix, that make all nuances clearly distinguishable, you make sure nothing is wrongly interpreted and situational awareness is enhanced. Front access eliminates the need for a rear maintenance area, for control rooms where space is a critical issue.