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55" near-seamless LCD video wall for entry level and mid-end applications

Easy servicing and shorter interventions
Fan-less solution for noiseless applications
Best inter-tile color and brightness calibration
User-friendly video wall setup and control interface
Optional 5 year service packages
Suitable for 24/7 operations and mission critical applications
Clear and clean DOA procedure

Barco's OverView KVD5521B is a high-performance, mid-level brightness (500 cd/m² typical) and cost optimized 55" LCD-panel, dedicated for use in tiled video wall applications. With a bezel of 3.5 mm (0.14"), excellent colors and contrast, and a wide viewing angle, the OverView KVD5521B provides great value to entry level and mid-end applications.

Saving costs with automatic color and brightness calibration
The OverView KVD5521B is an improved and optimized version of the successful KVD5521, and builds on the excellent reputation of Barco’s LCD video wall portfolio. The signature innovative Sense X - Barco’s automatic, continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration system - ensures that the complete wall produces a perfectly balanced image at all times. The absence of cooling fans not only minimizes the noise production, but also ensures that no moving parts – which are susceptible to wear and have a limited lifetime – are used. Plus, the introduction of DisplayPort V1.2, enabling to feed 4 displays in loop-through with 4K@60Hz content, is very important for easy connection with a limited number of cables.

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