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epoxy resin flooring / industrial / smooth / concrete look



  • Material:

    epoxy resin

  • Market:


  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    concrete look

  • Options:

    exterior, interior


Universal, colourless epoxy resin for technical applications

BAUPOX® 100 ST is a two‐component, transparent epoxy resin based on bisfenol A/F with no solvents added.


Impregnation and grounding of seasoned/stabilized concrete foundations and cement screeds.
Making levelling layers and polymer screeds.
Making base layers in systems with granulate from natural or dyed quartz aggregate.
Anchoring of elements in various types of founda‐tions/bases/substrates.
CAUTION: do not use for finishing layers


Concrete foundation must be stable and of proper carrying capacity for the target static and dynamic loads – concrete of class no less than C20/25 of minimal stripping strength 1,5 N/mm2. The accept‐able humidity of the foundation cannot exceed 4% in terms of weight.
The foundation must have a hermetic horizontal insulation protect‐ing it from moisture sucked up through capillary tubes.
Foundations which are to be protected with epoxy layers must be clean and absorbent. Cement wash, dirt of all kinds and old protec‐tion layers should be removed mechanically by grinding, shot blasting or milling. When renovating old epoxy floors, their adherence to the foundation must be absolutely checked (no less than 1.5 N/mm2) and the surface degreased and tarnished mechanically.

- Temperature of the foundation – no less than +10°C
- Relative humidity of the air – max. 75%
NOTE: Special attention should be paid that the temperature of the foundation be at least 3°C over the dew point temperature. Rooms in which the works are performed must be ventilated.