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Sylvie Marechal imagined an original and airy custom-made suspension. She breaks from the heavy structures of the classic suspensions to keep only the dangling chandelier drops, suspended in the air. The biscuit (porcelain that has been fired but not glazed) meets the LED, the French tradition and 21st century technology.

The Louis 15 suspension is available in chandelier version with 44 dangling chandelier drops or custom-made with the quantity and the disposition of pieces desired.

It is in the 18th century, also called the “Age of Enlightenment” that France influences and inspires the decorative arts. New private mansions are built where candlelight suspensions “shine” as never before, becoming fundamental elements of the décor.

Sylvie Maréchal revisits and reinvents them. She breaks from the heavy structures of the 18th century and combines porcelain “biscuit” with LED, French tradition and 21st century technology.

She only keeps the decorative elements, the dangling chandelier drops that she enlightens. Associated with each other, the drops “float” and redesign the classical and contemporary bespoke lusters, airy custom-made suspensions that are strong and light, brilliant and fluid that swing with the movement of the air.
Additional information
Delivery timeMade on-demand within 4 weeks.
Power supply24V
Light power35 lumens
Light source24 LEDS warm white 3300°K IRC 85
MaterialLimoges Porcelain
SizeDangling chandelier drop: 17.5cm x 7cm 4.5cm
Warranty1 year
QualityIn order to deliver our customers perfect products, all our suspensions are subject to a dual quality control