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bioethanol fireplace / contemporary / closed hearth / built-in



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    closed hearth

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Beech Ovens are well known for our high performance stone hearth ovens, with easy installation and a large range of custom options. So when our clients needed a high performance display fireplace, with the same extensive range of custom design features, they naturally turned to Beech. As with our range of ovens, Beech can offer a standard range of basic fireplace units, which you can finish as desired, or we can custom build a fireplace to your design specifications.

Although the Beech Fireplace is a high performance item, due to its primary role as a display fireplace visual impact is given a higher priority than cooking performance. The fireplaces typically have large openings and display flames, which do not hold as much heat inside the oven as a typical Beech Pizza Oven. It should be noted that as a fireplace, we do not expect the Beech Fireplace to match the cooking performance of a Beech oven.

Already Beech Ovens has been commissioned by a number of the worlds leading designers for a variety of spectacular fireplaces. Amongst these are:
A display fireplace with a small char grill in front of it for grilling seafood.
A large fireplace with multiple display burners placed into a wall and enclosed in glass to give dramatic visual impact into the rooms on either side of the wall.
An open circular "firepit" with char grill and skewer rack over a large display gas flame.