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fixed climbing wall / for playgrounds



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    for playgrounds


Splash wall is an extraordinary product designed by Bellagio Water Park Research and Development department as an outcome of great power of engineering experience and imagination.

When the wave pool is not active, splash wall attached to the back wall of the pool turns the wave pool into an attraction pool instead simply swimming pool. By these means it provides the guests with a cheerful and amusing swimming opportunity with lots of fun and allows managers of the park to conduct several competitions and attract guests from the other overcrowded parts of the park.

Besides being used as a complimentary to the wave pool, splash wall can also be applied to the swimming pools of hotels, aqua parks and the other facilities, turning the simplicity into an amazing entertainment. Splash wall will provide the visitors with an extraordinary amusement by means of its maximum entertainment but minimum cost and quick installation for our customers. Having an ability to be produced in various colors, splash wall become son of the brightest and attractive animations of your park, hotel, etc.

Splash wall is formed by inexorable chassis and epoxy materials. Each part of module is 1m.sq having 7 different handler and stairs on it. Minimum surface that will be formed should be at 4 meter height (where 1 m is under the water level) and 5 meter width (4 module x 5 module in total 20 module = 20 m2).