wood-burning boiler fireplace insert / 1-sided



  • Energy source:


  • Type:


  • Heat output:

    27,000 W (92,127.78 BTU/h)


Insert water firewood in modern design, adaptable design to any type of environment.
Production of hot water for central heating and the possibility of DHW.
Air inlets: primary, secondary and air inlet to the automatic combustion by means of valve termostática. (Valve termostática not included).
Regulator of exit of smokes. Silkscreened glass door. Frame hub cap with completion in Black Steel to 4 sides

*The devices possess 2 tubular internal exchangers of heat, which increase the performance, accelerate the warming and the temperature of the water homogenizes for the
phenomenon of convection, which it allows a more rapid beginning of the bombs of traffic. The great volumetric capacity of water does that the beginning of the bombs of the
temperature falls down not more than 5 ° C, what this eliminates the frequent stop of the bombs on having initiated the same one in the first minutes of functioning.
*The water tank is built entirely in carbon steel plate with a minimum thickness of 5 mm, which makes this product is extremely robust, reliable and durable. The inner lining of
the water tank is treated with high temperature paint (1100).