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concrete wall / prefab concrete wall / prefab


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Crosswall construction is typically associated with multi-storey buildings or buildings with a more cellular design structure typically hotels, student accommodation and custodial type projects. It can also be used in residential development applications.
A crosswall system utilises precast, precision engineered concrete components to create a stable and structural frame. The frame is held together by a series of vertical and horizontal ties, designed to meet progressive collapse criteria set out in the Building Regulations.
We offer design solutions incorporating Hollowcore floors and also solid RC units to suit specific project requirements. Window and door openings can be cast into walls using steel formers, the size and shape of which are determined by the project requirements.
Electrical conduit and sockets to carry wiring for smoke detection and lighting can be cast into walls and solid floor slabs inside our factory. The build process can be further enhanced by the incorporation of heated floor elements cast into our solid RC flooring units.
Crosswall design solutions provide ready to decorate surfaces and finished floors (no screed required) reducing follow-on wet trades and therefore offering a reduced on-site construction period.