glass panel with textile insert / insulating / for interior / for facade



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for interior, for facade, for windows, for doors

  • Other characteristics:

    with textile insert, custom


is a new concept, born of a meeting between two noble materials; fabric and glass; and a common will of the company managers to be innovative and creative in their respective fields.

Thanks to a specific process, the fabrics are placed between two panels of extra clear glass from 8 to 24 mm thick thus forming a unique pane of glass.

This new creative, contemporary and highly fashionable material is used particularly in interior decoration projects (sliding doors, partitions, shower walls, office separations, furniture etc.) but also outside with insulating glass, façades windows etc.

With the Fusion collection, all projects become unique and specific with more than 118 possible combinations in the choice of fabrics.