original design sideboard table / brass / lacquered metal base



  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:


  • Base material:

    lacquered metal base

  • Height:

    85 cm (33.5 in)

  • Length:

    128 cm (50 in)

  • Width:

    48 cm (18.9 in)


This modern interpretation of the centre table, which features a unique blend of materials and colours, provides an exclusive ambience to the contemporary living room. The Newton centre table, much like it’s sibling console and dining table, is a distinguished design piece with modular form, and it can be divided into two separate pieces which can also be used individually. Produced using highly specialised techniques by talented craftsmen, It’s compelling form and extravagant nature exhibits a true sense of luxury, and brings a whole new dynamic to any environment.

Newton is an outstanding moment of inspiration. A revolutionary statement piece created in order to fulfill the needs of those who are looking for the best in contemporary furniture design mixed up with exquisite details and high-quality materials.

Defying the laws of physics, the Newton black and gold console has grown from the ancient art of casting metal, where metal is heated until molten into spheres and semi-spheres shape. One by one, each element is joint to produce an outstanding pattern and organic structure, finished in a dramatic black lacquer and gold plated accents. The top of this console table is composed of brass circles carved with a golden texture similar to organic wood texture.
A contemporary console that carries cultural legacy while successfully move towards the future, remaining ahead of the of the design scene. A real expression of exclusivity and high collectible craftsmanship outcome.

Aluminum, Black Lacquer and Gold Plated.

W 128 cm | 50.4 in D 48 cm | 18.9 in H 85 cm | 33.5 in

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