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    glass, metal


The innovative Bohle Vitro all glass canopy system is supported exclusively by point fixings. The construction gives a light and unobtrusive appearance. For maximum dimensions, please refer to the table below. Bohle worked in cooperation with a well-known structural glass engineering company operating throughout Europe in order to make the partially patented system adaptable for specific, customised applications.

You need:
Glass Dimensions / qty / model
max. 1700 x 1220 mm / 2 items / BO 5211043
max. 2100 x 1220 mm / 2 items / BO 5211043
max. 2400 x 1220 mm / 3 items / BO 5211043
max. 3000 x 1220 mm / 3 items / BO 5211043
The newly developed canopy system Bohle Vitro offers a wide range of design possibilities: The system offers increased maximum width and projection over the standard version, making canopies with a projection of up to 2000 mm and with different geometric shapes (corner cut-outs) possible.
IMPORTANT: Dimension specifications must be available BEFORE order entry! See Technical Data Sheet in the Online Shop.
For a roof width of up to 2100 mm, at least two hardware sets are required. If the width exceeds 2100 mm, 3 sets are required.


Vitro connection system for one support arm.
Glass filler for two connection points in glass

Vitro hardware set
Projection max. 1220 mm
Please note: Supplied without glass!
Weight 6.8 kg

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