modular reception desk / semicircular / lacquered wood / wood veneer



  • Type:

    modular, semicircular

  • Material:

    lacquered wood, wood veneer, melamine


The “Reception” program consists of curved or linear aggregates between them and allows many con-figurations of furniture according to the needs of space. The accuracy of the materials used and the wide possibilities of finishes available, from veneered or lacquered wood or melamine, provides a high tone of recorded image.Proposal for a combination of ele-ments curved front and convex; possible combinations, using dif-ferent finishes available, plans of work-ro and front elements. Linear composition formed by straight elements with angles of 90 °; shelves as well as glass even in HPL 12 mm.
Not only curved concave-convex but straight, in com-position to each other. The shelves are made of crystal temperature to 12 mm. supported by chrome plated metal cylinder.

Linear composition with the highlighted leg intermediate metal support of the work plans and chrome adjustable feet positioning you at the lower end of the front. Highlighted the metal rails that run along the front elements.