hot water radiator / metal / original design / vertical
MAMANONMAMA by Itamar Harari



  • Type:

    hot water

  • Finish:


  • Style:

    original design

  • Other characteristics:

    vertical, free-standing


Mamanonmana 4 is born to be placed on the wall .
Exclusive sets and elegant walls are its perfect frame, it does not only heat your home but mark sit with an elegant and extremely personal touch.
Mamanonmama 6 is the first of the series that has been created . It is a stand - alone radiator and it plays very important roles either in big of small spaces. Its shape gifts unusual interior design idea , exquisitely sophisticated . With Mamanonmama a minimal design space becomes irreplaceable.
Mamanonmama 3 is a very unique radiator. Its 3 steel tubes stands like daisy petals. It is perfectly designed to be placed on the corner of a room .
Functionality and design melted in one model .