wood fiber cladding / perforated / panel / decorative



  • Material:

    in wood fiber

  • Finish:


  • Configuration:


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Country / Place: CH/Heiden
Project Name: Sauna Cladding Olma
Product Category: Garden
Material: Formboard top pine top pine, 18mm
Perforation: 50200
Colour: ASS Alu Gold
Architect / Planer: BRUAG AG, Fitness-Partner AG

What for Finnish people is a common occupation is also becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland: more and more health-conscious people build their own sweat lodge at home. It is even nicer when the sauna is not relegated to the cellar or the attic, but can be integrated in the living quarters. A sauna with perforated panels finished in a trendy gold colour is attractive, wherever it is. The sauna, which was created jointly by sauna specialist Fitness-Partner AG in Heiden and Bruag, has an attractive interior and combines class with aesthetics.