electric radiant panel / ceiling-mounted / wall



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    ceiling-mounted, wall


Light & Heat MODUL with one heater (performance 2,000 Watt) and two LED spots, 3,5Watt each - available in all RAL colors.
The perfect combination for your individual MODULAR SET brings pleasant warmth and light in all outdoor areas within a radius of about 14 to 16 sq m. The elegant and space-saving housing of the award winning MODULAR SYSTEM it equipped with a bracket (40x40mm) to fit easy under awnings. Optional you can mount the device under ceilings or attach to walls.

Protection: IP65, waterproof
Performance: 2,000 Watt (heater, 2x3,5 Watt (LEDs)
Standard Colors: White (RAL9010), Black (RAL9005), Anthracite (RAL7016). Other RAL colors at an additional fee.
Use: Outdoors in private, public or commercial surroundings.
Assembly: Wall and ceiling and under awnings, No Face down 45° angular.
Please note: Up from 2kW we recommend to use 16A slow blow fuses (C16).
We recommend: appliances especially without schuko plug should be fitted and connected by a qualified electrician.
Guarantee: 2 years private, 12 months business, 6 months industry.

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Modulare Systems - awarded wit the INNOVATION PRIZE R+T 2018