plaster primer / for concrete / for cement / synthetic resin



  • Support:

    plaster, for concrete, for cement

  • Component:

    synthetic resin

  • Location:

    for outdoor use, for indoor use

  • Other characteristics:



is a water based synthetic resin primer for the preparation of plaster or anhydrite supports, prior to the use of cement based adhesives. Reduces water absorption and improves cohesion with cement based supports.


Water based synthetic resin priming.
Once dry, a film is produced on the surface of the installation, which in plaster based supports prevents the contact and chemical reaction with cement based adhesives. Ettringite formation is prevented.
Reduces the water suction of the support.
Improved forging of the grip material.
Increases the cohesion of the installation surface.
Easy application with roller or wide brush.
For indoor and outdoor use.