metal ceiling suspension system
FBS System



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When design and superpose is regulated accuretely, MEP and IT components are carried with the ceiling. Thanks to high capacity of load transfer FBS can undertake the task of catwalk which is manufactured expensively.Because of the reason carriers of system is powder coated, it is corrosion-resistance.

FBS System Details

FBS provides an alternative solutions for the situations when connection to the building structure with the method of welding and screwing are not allowed.
FBS System provides saving at material cost about %35.
FBS System provides saving at workmanship cost about %35.
FBS System provides saving at loadper sqm about %45.
FBS System provides time saving becouse easy installation.
There is no welding, anti-rust and touch-up related cost.
Suspended ceiling systems with large open areas FBS provides clear and aestetic view.

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