patio terrace pedestal / for green roofs / polypropylene / adjustable



  • Location:

    for green roofs, patio

  • Materials:


  • Other characteristics:

    adjustable, for decking, for tiles


The PB pedestal is the latest innovation developed by Buzon® and lends itself to many different applications and designs. Our pedestals are adjustable from 18 to 955 mm and are ideally suited to creating residential and commercial spaces.

Thanks to its ingenious design, the PB pedestal is easy to adjust and allows for quick and robust installation. The enlarged surface of the head of the pedestal is specially adapted to support terraces made of natural stone, ceramic pavers, concrete timber decking or composite material.

The latest innovation from Buzon®, adjustable raised floor pedestals are perfect for creating residential spaces. Adjustable between 18 and 955 mm, PB adjustable raised floor pedestals are easy and reliable to install and adjust. The enlarged surface area of the PB pedestal top is specially adapted for laying very thick ceramic slabs.