automatic shade sail / waterproof



  • Specifications:

    automatic, waterproof


The organic look makes the difference – with a distinctive silhouette and exceptional design.

- »Unmistakable form with unique function.«

The ellipsoidal shape, with its curved edges between the ribbing, has an extravagant look that stands out distinctively from the uniform appearances of conventional shade sail systems. But the advantages don’t stop there: this shape is not only eye-catching but also incredibly practical. The convex edges allow for a wider sail, which offers greater protection from sun and rain. Further- more, the system only requires a single mast, which saves valuable space for maximum freedom of movement in the shade.

- Intelligent shading system also masters strong winds and rain in style.

The Clouth profiles, special handcrafted battens, are responsible for the automatic arching of the sail. Rainwater runs right off the sides without pooling, and the flexible ribbing easily absorbs gusts of wind. In stronger winds, a specially developed wind-pressure-relief system in the mast prevents excessive strain on the system. The result: a unique atmosphere of comfort and well-being in any weather. Like all other C4sun products, every elips4sun system is a custom-made, automatically furling, one-of-a-kind shade sail.

- A new form of comfort and protection.

What sets the elips4sun shade sail apart from conventional systems is its eye-catching design with curved edges between the ribbing. The space-saving construction only requires one tensioning cable and a single mast. Discover a completely new outdoor-living ambience, and enjoy this exceptionally attractive style of comfort and protection!