thermal-acoustic insulation / melamine foam / for windows / for roller shutters



  • Type:


  • Composition:

    melamine foam

  • Use:

    for windows, for roller shutters

  • Format:


  • Options:


  • Thermal resistance:

    0.04 m²K/W

  • Thickness:

    3.5 mm, 14 mm, 24 mm


CombiFLEX® It consists of a heavy foil with mineral fillers and polymeric foam Tect from BASF based melamine resin. Its high density 8 kg / m2 It provides optimum insulation that achieves reduced 30-38 dB which adds to the acoustic insulation already held by the enclosure and the shutter box. It also offers excellent thermal insulation, since the materials of which is formed having a thermal transmittance U = 0.035 W/m2*K. They mount since it has an adhesive layer adhering to the box, which must be previously cleaned up by a technician. The dimensions of the sheet are 1200 x 800 mmWith different thicknesses: 3,5 (Without foam) or 14 and 24 mm (With different thicknesses of foam). You can easily cut with a utility knife to fit the internal dimensions of the drawer, being able to have one in the area of ​​registration and also top or at the bottom.