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roller shutter / extruded aluminum / window / louvered



  • Type:


  • Material:

    extruded aluminum

  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    louvered, gray, lockable, beige


Panorama Panorama and Combi blinds have an innovative feature. Its patented system provides sun protection and allow both have vision outward. Large openings of each slat of the blind allow the incidence of indirect light and offers the possibility of renewing the air inside the house.

Panorama Plus model also provides the convenience of a built-in protection against self lama blind insects.

The combination of the characteristics of solar control, ventilation and thermal insulation of Panorama blinds allow energy savings in their homes.

Provide improved safety due to manufacturing extruded aluminum, unlike most folding aluminum shutters, and the possibility of including self-locking antitheft lamas.

Thanks to the small size of their lamas, 8mm thick and 37mm high, are compatible with all standard accessories blinds.

Available in different colors: anthracite gray, natural gray, gray, light gray, white, white cream and beige.