metal fastening system / for false ceilings / interior
LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY by Grace & Hebert Architects



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    for false ceilings

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A Cambridge architectural mesh ceiling system provides a first-of-its-kind aesthetic for the lobby of the Louisiana State University (LSU) Student Union Theater in Baton Rouge, LA. Beautiful draping canopy-like curves sculpt the ceiling space for a clean and modern look. At the same time, the system smartly divides overhead lighting fixtures for a strikingly symmetrical visual appeal. The mesh brightens up the formerly dark space and the delicate nature of the fabric assures that the draped ceiling is comforting, not oppressive.


Chosen in part for its flexible design, the architectural mesh system expertly hides the Theater lobby's structural elements like ductwork, plumbing and wiring, blending its beauty with important functional characteristics. This application dramatically defines and separates the overhead space, while additionally providing visibility, light and air flow to the facility.

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