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circular staircase / helical / steel frame / stone steps
OGIER by ORMS London



  • Type::

    circular, helical

  • Structure:

    steel frame

  • Steps:

    stone steps

  • Riser:

    with risers

  • Style:


  • Options:

    lateral stringer


The architects, ORMS of London, set a tough task; their design was for a magnificent helical staircase totally unsupported from below. This incredible staircase is now complete and taking pride of place in the Jersey office of International Corporate and Finance Law company; Ogier.
To get the right combination of gorgeous lines and required strength, the staircase banister and the balustrade around the top of the stairwell has been made from 12mm thick steel plate which needed to be fully welding together on site to prevent any defects occurring: This will give you some idea of the enormous task faced by the CANAL installation team.
Structurally this was made even more difficult as the atrium it ascended to was a square opening; much bigger than the staircase diameter. Without compromising the integrity of the design the upper floor needed to be decked out with architectural steelwork; creating a circular opening strong enough to support the load of the floating staircase.
Working closely with Milk Structures, CANAL completed this staircase to the highest standard making it one of the most recognised projects of the company.