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spiral staircase / steel frame / metal steps / without risers



  • Type::


  • Structure:

    steel frame

  • Steps:

    metal steps

  • Riser:

    without risers

  • Style:


  • Options:

    outdoor, lateral stringer


Satisfying the demands of the elements, the health and safety officer and the client to create a weather resistant, slip resistant, visually appealing, exterior fire escape staircase.
When old, large buildings get converted to offices there is often a requirement for additional external fire escape routes that don’t detract from the impressive facia of the original building.
This is a galvanised steel spiral staircase, with slip resistant durbar plate treads and wire mesh panel balustrade in fill panels. With the small footprint of a spiral staircase, design details that demonstrate more thought that a purely functional exterior staircase and its rust resistant finish the Skilts fire escape can offer an ideal solution.