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straight staircase / stainless steel frame / wooden steps / without risers



  • Type::


  • Structure:

    stainless steel frame

  • Steps:

    wooden steps

  • Riser:

    without risers

  • Style:


  • Options:

    lateral stringer, glass railing


In the heart of London, companies are expanding and developing their offices to fit their high end brand and create a place not just to work but to also entertain their valued clients.
Recently, CANAL Architectural completed the new feature staircase and atrium balustrade for a commercial office in Central London. Following the specification and reflecting the vision of the Interior Designer and Architect, CANAL started the production drawings ready for manufacture.
Once drawn, CANAL started the fabrication of the straight staircase at their manufacturing facility in Nottingham. Two stainless steel, zig-zag stringers were fabricated which incorporated a rest landing. The solid timber treads of the staircase were fabricated from walnut along with a matching square walnut handrail.
Onsite the CANAL installation team installed the stainless steel stringers, box treads and steel rodding that supported the suspended rest landing. The stringers hosted 17.5mm low iron, laminated glass balustrade panels, which were installed onto the staircase and the first floor atrium. To finish, the glass balustrade was topped with the square walnut handrail.
This minimalist looking, feature staircase compliments the surrounding interior features and fixtures with hints of walnut for office desks and soft lighting flowing through the clear glass balustrade creating a spacious feel.

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