wall-mounted mirror / illuminated / living room / bedroom
MF 110



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  • Options:

    illuminated, living room, bedroom, hanging

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  • Frame material:

    wooden, leather

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Result of the perfect synergy between industrial design approach, care craftsmanship and creativity, the line of illuminated mirrors with MF frame is the modern concept of luxury, in a dance moving between the icy clarity of glass and the warmth of ancient and living materials, such as wood and leather.
I-Light is a new lighting technology, Cantoni patented, fully-integrated in the structure of every mirror of the Unica range and recreating the colour rendering and the incidence of sunlight with absolute perfection. The light sources are not light bulbs, but lenses made of a highly-refractive, unbreakable material that are capable of spreading and shielding light in a perfectly even manner and completely enveloping the figure.
These objects of elegant design, true sculptures of light, focus the attention on you and fit easily into any space, adorning it with reflections.

Technical Details:

Wall mirror with I-light that diffuse illumination with adjustable intensity.
The mirror in this image, customizable as far as size and number of lights are concerned,
is enclosed in a Baroque frame made of wood realized by Italian framers.
Integrated light technology, side actuator.
*example of customised creation
Non-deformable internal structure
Personalised frame
Mirror resistant to corrosion (10X) and scratches (3X)
Safety film
Dimmable I-light lenses set into the mirror
Integrated side-mounted actuator
Guaranteed lifetime hours 100,000/h
Kelvin 4200
110-240V compatible
Low energy consumption
No photobiological risk
CE certification

Product Dimensions:
WEIGHT (Kg): 10.5
HEIGHT (cm): 74
WIDTH (cm): 94
DEPTH (cm): 6