Finnish sauna / home / commercial / wooden
DREAM - Small



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    home, commercial

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    for indoor use


Winding heat

Try the true sauna, dry for excellence, combining high temperature to a moisture almost nil. Perfect to sweat, renew the oxygenation of the body in a space of total and complete relaxation.
Hot bath dry very effective for detoxification organism. After a few minutes in the sauna starts sweating even if one is not immediately perceived as the Drym heat evaporates the sweat first.
Sweat is not only water but also contains electrolytes, salts, long-chain fatty acids, substances contained in the urine, cholesterol, vitamin C, sugars and other substances. The sauna is a great help to improve blood circulation, especially in the coronary, to lower
blood pressure hypertensives and great benefit is obtained on the nervous system since they tend to change favorably body metabolisms and mechanisms hormonal.
Unlike the turkish bath, it is also recommended to those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis, as the dry heat pupil pain.