Turkish steam room
DREAM -Small

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Turkish steam room Turkish steam room - DREAM -Small


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Transforming steam

Enjoy the experience of complete well-being. The fine vapour gently envelops the body while the warm temperature softens the skin, purifying it and allowing it to release toxins and stress.
This hydrotherapy application uses water in the form of hot steam to quickly heat the entire skin and the respiratory tract. As the body temperature increases with the steam, the blood vessels dilate, the blood flows better and in greater quantities to all parts of the body, the
lymph flows better thus fortifying the body in which, blood, lymph and toxins generally tend to stagnate in certain parts of the body. All this facilitates the dissolution of toxins and promotes their expulsion via the sweat through the skin, via the kidneys in the urine, from the intestine, via phlegm from the lungs, favouring a natural process of good health.
In the skin, the dilation of the pores caused by the heat facilitates the penetration of the steam and allows the skin to remove impurities, gaining brightness, elasticity and softness.