structural floor with girder-slabs / insulating interjoist



  • Type:

    with girder-slabs

  • Interjoist type:

    insulating interjoist


ReadyFloor® is a highly effective yet easy-to-install suspended flooring system composed of prestessed concrete beams with standard blocks providing the infill.
For commercial and domestic use Beam and block construction overcomes many onsite difficulties such as costly excavation and consolidation of backfill prior to the placing of oversite concrete.

ReadyFloor 155mm is ideal for the domestic market and is extensively used in housing developments whilst ReadyFloor 225mm is designed for more demanding commercial applications such as flats, care homes, offices, schools, light industrial and retail developments allowing for increased load bearing and larger spans.

Benefits of ReadyFloor

Quick - ReadyFloor requires less preparation and thus speeds up construction time.
Versatile - Unlike other systems ReadyFloor may be installed even when adverse weather conditions are encountered.
Fast - Installation is fast and uncomplicated and skilled tradesmen are not usually required.
Easy - The components of ReadyFloor are easily handled, stored and fixed on site.
Immediate - Once installed and brush grouted, ReadyFloor provides an immediate working platform.
All-Round durability - In addition to improved thermal and sound insulation properties, ReadyFloor is fire-resistant, draught-proof and not subject to rotting.
Cost-Effective - Ease of installation, reduced preparation and speed of erection provide significant cost benefits to the contractor on site.
Widely available - ReadyFloor beams are available for distribution throughout the UK
CEMEX ReadyFloor beams are rated Very Good under BES6001, qualifying as the highest tier level of MAT2 Responsible Sourcing of Materials.