free-standing washbasin cabinet / ceramic / design / with mirror
CATINO TONDO by Andrea Parisio Giuseppe Pezzano



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    with mirror


CATINO TONDO: Pure contemporary style as an expression of the past.
The design takes inspiration from the past to give a modern interpretation of one of the most iconic bathroom furnishing pieces of the early 20th century.
Made with the finest Italian materials, the Catino collection is highly customizable, in four versions: round, oval, rectangular and double. Available with or without faucet holes, these ceramic washbasins fit beautifully with elegant steel bases in matte black, brushed bronze or Cemento finishes, with convenient ceramic tops or practical wood drawers.
Both the washbasins and ceramic tops can be customized with the 16 colors of the unique "Terre di Cielo" line, made up of colors and textures inspired by nature: Talco, Pomice, Brina, Arenaria, Basalto, Cacao, Muschio, Agave, Lino, Avena, Cemento, Fango, Lavagna, Canapa, Cipria e Polvere.

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