carbon monoxide detector / smoke / heat / intrusion



  • Type:

    intrusion, smoke, carbon monoxide, heat

  • Installation:


  • Sector:



In addition to conventional intruder detection Chubb intrusion panels are also able to support safety detection devices, which are designed to provide end users with early warning of potential threat to either persons, employees or property such as: carbon monoxide, smoke and/or heat detection or Hold Up Alarms (HUA) often referred to as Personal Attack buttons (PA) also supporting disabled call alarms and medical alert devices for the elderly or infirm.

If activated by an environmental change such as smoke or gas leak, or deliberately activated by a person under threat, then the system, if remotely monitored, is able to generate an alarm signal to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) which in turn can initiate a response by a designated person or relevant emergency service.