stone raised access floor / for patios



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    for patios


The high bending strength of Compact Stone® also make them suitable for making raised floors.


The raised outdoor floor offers the following advantages:
easy and fast installation (do it yourself);
immediately ready for walking on;
easy maintenance;
easy removal of structure and floor for inspection and technical jobs;
nice-to-look-at surfaces.


Without affecting the technical characteristics of Compact Stone®, Citytiles SPG25 structure, covered by patent, specifically designed for the outdoor raised-floor use of Compact Stone® and Linea Consolare, has the following features:
the structure in HD Polyethylene consists of recycled materials which are in turn recyclable according to applicable European standards;
it is resistant to temperature fluctuations;
it is ready to use 3 sizes (12.25x12.25 12.25x25 25x25);
it is ready for installation with 5 mm joints the holes made in the structure ensure easier water runoff;
the holes provided in the structure facilitates the flow of water;
the dovetail fastenings permit perfect horizontal bonding of the structures leaving all vertical movement free;
it adapts easily to rough surrounds.

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