laminated glass panel / tempered / safety / double-glazed



  • Type:

    laminated, tempered, safety, double-glazed, insulating

  • Applications:

    for facade

  • Other characteristics:



Product Information
Curved and bent glass is available but not limited to the following glass types
Toughened glass. 6,8,10,12,15,17,19 and 22mm toughened glass
Annealed Glass
Heat Strengthened glass
Electric Glass- switchable glass
Low-e glass including Sunergy and Planibel Glass
Acid etch glass
Ceramic Frit Glass including graphic designs and patterns.
Laminated glass including low-e glass, and colored interlayer high performance laminates from laminate suppliers such as Du-pont , Saflex and Sekisui.
Laminated safety glass
Laminated toughened glass in clear and tints
Insulated Glass Units in many make ups
Dupont SGP Sentryglass structural interlayer for hurricane and high wind areas or areas where unframed laminated glass is required
Maximum Panel sizes 2400 * 4500 NEW INFO maximum panel sizes of 3300 * 6000
Bends available are cylindrical and non cylindrical.
Radius down to 1000mm and tighter for some glass types
We can machine holes, simple cut outs and complex cut outs