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LED track light / square / anodized aluminum / commercial



  • Light source:


  • Shape:


  • Material:

    anodized aluminum

  • Market:

    commercial, home

  • Other characteristics :

    dimmable, museum


More than 800 different configurations are possible. Create your own version within 30 seconds on our website.

Magno dimming, the unique patented system which offers extremely accurate dimming. The Magno dimming system offers a much more accurate way of dimming than with a traditional potentiometer
and is without a doubt the best possible autonomic LED dimming system worldwide.

Comes complete with a Global 3 phase track rail adapter.

With a power consumption of only 10 Watts, a perfect replacement for traditional light sources up to 75 Watt halogen and HQI sources up to 35 Watts.

Easily interchangeable optical lens system with beam angles from 8° to 61° & 12 x 46°.

Quality design housing in massive CNC cut aluminium. Different colours for the housing available.

Future proof! As optics, LEDs and internal power supply can be replaced, the REVO will never be outdated by future developments. The REVO Compact Track Magno is therefore the ultimate lighting solution for shop lighting, galleries and museums.

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